Genre – Experimental
Producers – Marco Della Fonte Alex di Martino
Line Producers – Caterina Pani
Story – Aisa Ijiri Marco Della Fonte
Screenplay – Alex di Martino Alessio Venturini
Director – Marco Della Fonte
Director of Photography – Lucio Lepri
Editor – Cristiana Donghi
Composer – Listsz (Sonnett 104)
Set Designer – Mirco Rocchi
Stylist – Kicca Berre’
Sound recordist – Manuela Patti
Make up – Daria Lyubchenko
Color Grading – Kindness for Weakness
Vfx/Graphic Design – Gabriele Ielitro
Wardrobe – Sergio Baledi
CAST Aisa Ijiri Pietro Ragusa Kiera Morgan


A love story is to end. The inevitable separation overwhelms a couple with a lacerating farewell. AISA, a virtuoso pianist, evokes their love last whisper with a sublime interpretation of Franz Listz ‘s Petrarch Sonnet 104, which in turn received the inspiration from Petrarch’s Sonnets while travelling in Italy with Marie, Countess d’Agoult, in 1838-39