Genre Drama
Writer/Director: Enrico Poli
Cinematography: Beniamino Barrese
Editor: Enrico Poli, Gabriele Cannizzaro
Costume Designer: Antonio Labroca
Line Producer: Gianluca Passone
Production Manager: Cecilia Viriglio
Sound Designer: Rodrigo Rattazzi
Color Grader: Belgin Kaplan
Composer: Simone Spagnolo
Cast: Valeria Vereau, Marco Gambino, Gaetano Gentile, Francesco Valenti


Closure explores the excitement and discomfort of leaving behind the past, and searching for a new identity. Anna has run away from a world she rejects in Spain to London, where she finds emptiness and discontent. David, a high ranking criminal from her past, comes back into her life and offers her a role in one of his schemes. She agrees — uneasy, but hopeful it will bring her the transformation she is seeking. Closure is a modern drama represented in a contemporary time, where the space of feelings becomes undefined, and a sense of emptiness surrounds us.