Our mission is to produce low budget European, artistically diverse films with a contemporary, witty and bold narrative for a broad market exploitation.
We aim to create products with cross-pollinated genres, themes and stories in order to reach a wider audience and distribution platforms through partnership with similar companies in Europe and overseas.

Marco Della Fonte is a director/writer working in the UK. He is also a partner of the London-based film company LOST PICTURES Ltd. He has directed commercials and music videos for the last 20 years, establishing a sound credibility in the European scene. He also wrote and directed a number of short films and docu-dramas winning various Festivals awards.

In 2019 he directed his first feature film “AMORENUDO”, a UK, Italy and Russia co-production.



2021 – THE CRIMINAL (Drama/Comedy)

2020 – THE OTHER SIDE OF DARKNESS (Philosophical Drama Feature Film)

2019 – AMORENUDO (Drama Feature Film)

2018 – AISA (Drama Short Film)

2014 – REVERSION (Thriller Short Film)

2011 – MR.MILLER (Drama/Comedy Feature Film)

2010 – INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES (Drama Feature Film)

2008 – THE TRIAL OF MARIA BARBELLA (Period Drama Feature Film)

2007 – IPERURANIA (War Drama Feature Film)

2006 – HUBERKRAIN (Sci Fi Thriller Feature Film)


2020 – AMORENUDO (Feature Film)

2019 – A SOUL JOURNEY (Documentary)

2018 – AISA (Short Film)

2016 – NIENTE PER CASO – (Fashion Short Film)

2015 – REVERSION – (Short Film)

2014 – LAMBORGHINI “THE DRIFT” – (Web series)

2013 – NO NUCLEAR WEAPON – Int. Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

2012 – IEO-European Institute of Oncology (Documentary)

2010 – LA VALLE DEL GHIACCIO (Documentary)

2008 – ASPETTANDO L’INVERNO (Docu-Drama)

2005 – SOLVITE ME (Short Film)



2001 – SPOTTERS (Short Film)

2000 – WANTED SEX (Short Film)

2000 – HAKERBUK (Disney Channel TV Series)

2000 – PIXEL (Short Film)

1999 – WASH AND DRY (Feature film)

1998 – IL POLITIKO (Short Film)

1997 – DIFFERENCE (Short Film)

1997 – OZONO (Short Film)

1996 – SAHARAWI: PEOPLE IN EXILE (Documentary)

1995 – JANNIS KOUNELLIS (Documentary)

1991 – IL MESSAGGERO (Documentary)


Alex began writing for the faculty weekly while studying psychology at Rome’s University. He also won a poetry competition and had his first book published in the 80s, while he

was already working in the music industry as a tour manager, and then press liaison.

After 10 years of touring Europe with some of the greatest world talents (Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, to name but a few), he began

writing speeches for a renowned Italian industrialist and politician.

But writing press releases, speeches and entertaining journalists wasn’t really his scene, therefore he began few collaborations with popular music weekly and to the main Italian

daily, La Repubblica.

During those years, he also wrote his first play, “The Spider”, which was performed at the Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Austria.

He also wrote a few comic scripts, including an educational story about The Normans

translated and distributed in 16 countries.

In 1992, together with the world­renowned performer Richie Havens, he wrote “El Lugar”, a piece and a song inspired by the difficulties people have in belonging to a “somewhere”.

But writing has not been the only interest Alex has had in media. Indeed he has produced more than 400 media projects, including documentaries for TV (such as “Film: Genre” for Channel4 in the UK and Bravo in the US or “A Dinner and a Movie” for TBS in the US),

media website (MTV Italy), radio (“Global Groove” in the US), and a number of other

advertisement and editorial projects.

Also, being passionate about film, he studied screenwriting in the US and UK, and wrote a few short film scripts in the early 90s. As he moved to London in the late 90’s he attended some screenwriting courses, including John Truby, Christopher Vogler and Elliott Grove

classes. He then co­wrote the shorts “The Last Memory” and “Side by Side Conversation”.

Recently part of Lost Pictures Ltd. In London, Alex has developed various projects and

scripts together with Marco Della Fonte, including the short film “Reversion” and the

feature “The Other Side of Love”.

He also wrote and conducted all interviews for “Soul Journey” – a music documentary

developed and directed by Marco Della Fonte.

Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.

– Andrei Tarkovsky